Intuitive Psychic Development level I

Event Date:

September 17, 2022

Event Time:

9:30 am

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Intuition is not a rare gift that only a gifted few possess but an innate human capacity that can be enhanced and developed. Synthesizing insights from psychology, East- West philosophy, religion, metaphysics,  this hands-on workshop, can teach anyone to achieve a heightened state of perceptual vitality and integrate it into daily life. Intuition is “not the opposite of logic,” but rather “a comprehensive way of knowing life that includes both left-brain analytical thinking and right-brain communication states.”


On a practical level, intuition enables us to learn faster and make quicker, more inspired decisions. On a deeper level, it “is a powerful tool that can heal the painful split we may feel between our earthly, mundane selves and our divine, eternal selves.


Through carefully designed exercises, you can start to explore a deeper psychic connection with your own personal energy, that of others, and Divine source.


This one day workshop is unique in its kind; alchemizing mediumship, energy healing, intuition, ascension.

Level II will be offered October 15th, 2022.


All intuitive psychic development workshops will be offering building blocks in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the Divine Self, the Universe, Energy, the Collective Consciousness,  and multi-dimensional living as a sentient being in a multi-dimensional reality.


Limited Seating. Lots of oportunity to practise with like-minded souls.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
Total Seats: 20 (20 Left:)
  • Sackville
  • New Brunswick
  • Canada

Event Schedule Details

  • September 17, 2022 9:30 am   -   4:30 pm
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